2019 Flag Inventory and Audit

On Saturday, September 14, members of the Shoreline Detachment met at the Pilgrim Cemetery in Holland and inventoried all 437 casket flags held for the Avenue of Flags.  All flags were unfurled and checked for cleanliness and serviceability.  All dirty flags were removed from their poles for dry cleaning.  Unserviceable flags were either replaced or marked for future replacement.  While doing this we also recorded all information on the honored service person associated with those flags.  We will be making that information available to anyone requesting it.

Good Work Marines!   Semper Fi!

Alpha Co. 1/24th, 4th MARDIV Memorial Move

The Marine Corps Reserve unit stationed in Grand Rapids is being relocated to Battle Creek.  They are unable to take the memorial with them.  Permissions have been granted to move the Memorial to the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.  Cost to do this is $74,938.00.  Donations are being requested to make this move.

Please direct all donations to : Fred Cochran Det 151, MCL, PO Box 150331, Grand Rapids, MI 49515-0331.  Add “Alpha Co. Memorial” to the memo line on your donation.

This solicitation has been approved by Department of Michigan, MCL.

Marine Recruiting Fundraising Car Wash

The Holland VFW challenged the Holland Marine Recruiting office to match or beat an Air Force donation to remodel the VFW bathrooms to be handicap accessible.   The Recruiting office did a car wash at the Holland VFW parking lot.   The Shoreline Detachment assisted with manpower, food, and drinks.  The total donated by the Marines was $558.97.    Semper Fi!

Zeeland Fire Flag Presentation

Flag Committee Chair Karl Knittel and Adjutant Roger Klunder presented a 20 ft x 30 ft flag to the Zeeland Fire Department.   This flag will be used on their ladder truck for community events.

Cold War Medal

There has been some discussion around the Cold War Medal / Ribbon.  In 1998, Congress directed the Secretary of Defense to establish a certificate to honor United States Armed Forces members as well as eligible civilians who contributed honorably to the Cold War effort between September 2, 1945 and December 26, 1991. Those who received the Cold War Recognition Certificate may wish to accompany it with a medal and ribbon, though as an independently created award it is not eligible for wear on military uniforms.  In other words, it is good for the shadowbox, not for the uniform.  There are a number of Military Veterans retail sites that sell this medal if you wish to purchase it.

Authorization indicated in SecNav Instruction 1650.1H (see below)